Monday, August 31, 2009

Great River Bridge, Westfield

Even though it opened to traffic some time last week, the first chance I've had to cross the new bridge was this weekend. I've watched it go up over the past few months, and eagerly awaited its opening as I dodged the potholes on Elm Street.

I was pleased to see a nice, wide walkway on both sides of the bridge.

nice, wide sidewalk

There are nice offset observation areas from which to enjoy the river passing below.

observation area

Westfield River


I'm sure the businesses on that street are happy to have it open, too.

Pilgrim Candle

Westfield Visitor Center

The only thing I found odd about it is the date on the side, which is 2010. Perhaps the bridge is in a time warp of some sort?


The old bridge is closed now for refurbishing, after which traffic will flow through Westfield like water does under the bridge. In theory, anyway. ;)

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