Thursday, February 05, 2009


Mary Carey, of the lovely local blog AboutAmherst, has bestowed upon me an honor by giving me an award!

I'm touched! The rules say I must pass it along to five worthy bloggers, providing links to each and back to the original post. Three of the local blogs I read have already won (AboutAmherst, Exploring Western Massachusetts, and in the valley), but I'm going to give it to them all again because they deserve it. If you haven't already, check them out!

Next, to Mike Dobbs' Out of the Inkwell. In the interest of full disclosure, Mike's a coworker, and fun to geek out with on SciFi movies & TV. His blog is full of interesting stuff, from movie reviews to local news.

Last but not least, to Heather Brandon's Urban Compass. Heather does a great job of covering local politics, in both Springfield and her new home in Hartford.

There are a lot of great local blogs, and you can find more of them on BlogNet.

Thanks, Mary!


Peg A said...

congrats on winning an award! nice photos.

Mary E.Carey said...

I got the idea from Tony on whose blog I discovered yours. I always imagined you were real-world friends with Tony and Kelly. Are you? Isn't it interesting how we create a parallel Pioneer Valley with our blogs and virtual friendships?

Elizabeth said...

No, I've never met Tony, either. We should do a Valley Bloggers get-together!