Tuesday, January 05, 2010

365 project

Since I just got a new camera, and it's a new year, I've decided to do a 365 photo project. What this means is that I'm going to try to take at least one photo a day for a year.

holidaze are over

I'm not going to post them all here, since this I started this blog for different reasons, but I'm putting them all into a set on Flickr here. You can follow along by subscribing to the feed on the set page.

Since I can't do anything the way everyone else does, I started it on December 31st.

The purpose of this project is to not only get in the habit of taking pictures every day, but to expand my horizons a bit by taking pictures of things I might not normally consider. The pic above is of the holiday decorations in my office that I had taken down earlier.


Mary E.Carey said...

Great idea! Love this photo and the sunrises.

francescbb@hotmail.es said...

Nice shots!!! good job!!!