Sunday, August 10, 2008

into the woods

dots, originally uploaded by Lizzie~Belle.

I went for a nice walk in the wildlife sanctuary by Stanley Park this afternoon. There were rumblings of thunder, but the sun stayed out for the most part, and the woods were quiet and nearly deserted. Come with me, and let me show you why I love it there!

A small bridge crosses a rocky stream a little way in:

little bridge

Not far after the bridge, the path diverges. Right, or left? I chose left.


I went off the main path onto this lush and green one:

lush green

The bees were enjoying these very tall flowers, which I think are Joe Pye Weed:


The clouds looked threatening, and the thunder rumbled, but I took a chance and kept going.


The apples are ripening on the tree:


I crossed the little stream that was a raging flood in the spring:

step carefully

Feeling daring, I climbed over the barrier and crossed the crooked bridge toward the boardwalk:


Since it's closed off, there's not a lot of traffic there. I did see footprints, though, so I'm not the only one who snuck across!



Trees take precedence here:


End of the line, sorta - a tree has fallen across the boardwalk. This actually happened after it was closed from the previous flood damage.

end of the trail

It looked like a few folks had already made a path through the downed tree. I climbed up on its trunk and took its portrait:


These lovelies were growing along the boardwalk:


Back in the woods again, I found all sorts of interesting fungi:

take a side




All the rain we've had has made everything so green!


There's nowhere I'd rather be than in the woods.

in my natural element

These little 'shrooms were about an inch tall:

tiny forest

On the way out, this woman and her dog were just starting their adventure:

let's go for a walk

Thanks for sharing a walk with me!

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Tony said...

Nice tour LizzieBelle. Kudos for not being daunted by the thunder..!